What To Do If You Have A Crush On Someone You Met Online

With many people choosing the online platform to meet potential dating partners, there’s a very real possibility of developing a crush with someone you meet in that setting. 

The excitement to log in for a peek at the chat alert to see if there’s a message from your favorite match wells every time you go on your device. Is it the beginning of a potential connection, or could this be a player looking for a fling? 

How will you know if this person is authentic or a fake? How can you tell when you’re not in real-time whether someone is serious? Let’s look at the topic more in-depth.

Some precautions when meeting a stranger online

When messaging with potential matches on dating sites and apps like Facebook, Tinder, Badoo, or social media networks, the first instinct is to be exceptionally cautious. Many of these platforms take a more stringent stance against fake accounts and fraudulent profiles by upping their criteria, standards, and security. 

There is still that possibility that a fake poser will get through with an impossibly flawless photo, vague stats, and a bio that sounds too good to be true. 

These people can be reported to the administrators, who will take more extraordinary measures to rid their sites of names that appear fake, pictures that aren’t natural, and profiles that don’t really give any details on the person’s life or background. 

Users can also take extra steps by not becoming involved with someone who only offers a single posed photo. Maybe they give “rehearsed” profile details without really telling you anything, even when you ask direct questions. 

Perhaps, these individuals won’t go beyond messaging like for a phone call or video chat and not attempt to set up a real-time meeting. These are likely scammers and not worth putting any sort of emotion into. 

Now, if you do begin to develop feelings for someone you meet online, there are a few signs that will let you know if it’s real and could lead you to a deeper connection. Let’s check these out.

I have a crush on someone I met online: What to do?

Nowadays, many people are participating in online dating platforms, some with good results. The website and app administrators are taking action to keep scammers and fake profiles from swarming their clientele. 

Upon report, investigations are imminent with the elimination of the questionable user. Also, sites are disallowing those who register with unnatural photos or names from participating, keeping the platforms safer for those hoping to find the ideal match. 

And some people are working towards that end, finding themself crushing on people they’re meeting online. So how do you know if the online relationship you’re developing is real and will develop into something more profound? Check out a few signs that might be an indication.

If you have doubts about the person you met online, make sure you uncover their dating accounts on all the popular platforms.

There are no signs of a disappearing act with this person

One of the primary indications that you’re dealing with a scam or a fake profile when messaging with someone is that the individual will disappear for periods of time without warning and no explanation when returning. These guys will message other girls on the Facebook app and also on Instagram to find new victims.

Many people who develop feelings for someone on a dating website or app will excuse the behavior, simply moving on when the person comes back around.

If you have a crush and they’re legitimately crushing back, the dating mate will be consistent in their messaging. Not only that, but the frequency will be steady. In fact, you’ll likely receive so much it’ll be challenging to keep up. 

That will be a good indication that you’re their only conversation, a priority in their day. So, the person is on the same wavelength concerning the sort of relationship you’re looking for. That will probably mean a goal of long-term with eventual exclusivity and commitment.

Falling in love online without a meeting is not new. Many of us like gorgeous pictures, whether that person is a guy or a girl. So, always try to investigate the user’s account and see if it’s legitimate or fake. Many women who try to marry in their 40s, 50s, and older jump into strangers’ accounts and believe what they say. Take your time, do your online research, and conclude even if you have a crush on that person’s pictures.

There’s no hiding behind the messenger

Often when dealing with a fraudulent profile, the fake date will avoid any sort of communication that goes outside the limits of chatting on the platform’s messenger. 

If you make any indication that perhaps you should strike up a video chat so you can attach a personality to the conversation, there will likely be an excuse why that won’t work, and the same would be true for a mobile chat. The dating site’s user will lie to you over text messages, email, and other types of communications.

Someone sharing the same feelings you have will be as anxious to move things to the next level away from mere chat messages. These can only go so far when you begin to develop feelings for someone, and then neither person can wait to meet the person. But there is still an air of precaution. 

Most will start with a mobile call and move into a video chat. But a real-time meeting is not too far behind. Usually, each becomes ready for this at the same time. Your instincts begin to line up because you’re starting to develop that connection.

You can broach serious topics without judgment or consequences

As a rule, a person not genuinely interested in the match won’t want to venture into deep conversations. The person will be more focused on generic topics, plus tend to become overly forward or blatant about sex and ask for photos that have nothing to do with seeing what you look like as a person.

The moment the subject begins to take a serious tone, a scam person will either attempt to change the direction of the conversation or choose to disappear for a while until things can go back to the way they like them.

If you can “air your dirty laundry” with a person you meet online and it doesn’t seem as bad as what it might be in real life, that can be a good sign that the individual is genuine. 

Some people allow an open, honest, vulnerable conversation without fear of repercussions or judgment. When you feel you can be yourself, speaking freely, you know the person you’re with is pretty special. 

And if this individual has the capacity to make you laugh or find humor in the dark moments, they’re a keeper. That’s challenging to find.

Additionally, falling in love with someone online from another country comes with many issues and scams. So, keep your personal details safe, and never send them pictures or any other type of information until you see that guy or girl face to face.

Each of you is equally selective 

Some people go through meeting a substantial number of people with online dating. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing (maybe it depends on the amount of time for the number of people.) It really is vital to give each individual a fair chance. 

Still, at the same time, some people genuinely know what they’re looking for and can tell within the first few minutes whether someone has those qualities. 

When you’re messaging someone you believe you’re developing a crush for, it’s good to have a similar selection process and maybe have gone through a comparable number of people through your selective processes. 

You will both likely have a list of information, maybe not the exact details. But the sort of criteria you hope for in a mate. Neither of you is willing to budge on those qualities for the person you eventually settle down with. 

That might mean you meet and greet many people or will be selective about who you meet. But the fact that each of you has the same quality will likely translate into having commonalities in other areas as well.

What happens when you go offline

When an online partner makes arrangements to meet and together you decide it might be worthwhile to try dating, what happens to the online dating profiles?

It could depend if you’re still unsure if this person is authentic. If they haven’t given you a reason to believe they feel the same “crush” you’re having, you might find they have a bit of a problem letting go of their online persona. 

That would mean they’re still at least checking out other options even if they’re not actually talking to other people.

An excellent way to tell that someone is the right one is after spending some time going out together, you both decide at the same time that it’s time to go offline with the dating sites and apps. 

That speaks volumes for your commitment as a couple since you’re letting go of the potential for dating other people, as is your new partner. And each is doing so willingly and happily. But if you discover that the person you met online and loved is not the real one you see in front of you, you may need to lose feelings because they lied to you the same way as other females and men.


When you meet someone online and develop a crush, fortunately, there are more precautions on the dating websites and social apps on the market today to help protect users. So you can worry a little less about that crush possibly being a fraud. 

Acting on the side of caution, it’s wise not to get caught up in the crush when someone appears not to be as involved as you are. Maybe the individual offers very few personal details about themself or their life or has a flawless picture resembling a glamour shot instead of something natural and relatable. 

As noted, there will be signs someone is crushing back on you. Don’t waste your time “investigating” an aloof dating partner or one who keeps disappearing. No one is worth that time you’re wasting in your life. Spend it with someone genuine.

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