Pregnancy Gift Ideas For First-Time Moms

When a woman becomes pregnant, it’s an exciting time, but there are also moments of apprehension at the thought of being a parent for the first time. There’s also some fear about declaring the news without possibly jinxing the good fortune.

The best way to handle letting people know is to iterate upfront any congratulatory pregnancy gift as a first-time mom should not be for the baby but more focused towards celebrating the pregnancy as a whole.

That leaves a gamut of ideas and saves buying for the baby until much closer to the due date and maybe when you have more of an introduction to the little one.

Now friends and loved ones can direct their love and support to the soon-to-be momma and celebrate her being pregnant. But what are some gift ideas for a woman about to enter motherhood? Let’s look at a few unique options.

Gifts for first time expectant moms

When close friends and family find out their loved one is having a baby, they run out to buy a congratulatory gift. The only problem is that it’s generally for the new little one coming into the world.

Often this is early in the pregnancy upon just finding out, meaning no one, not even momma or daddy, has had a chance to meet the infant via sonogram or speaking with the physician.

While everyone means well and offers much-needed presents, most parents prefer to wait until closer to the baby’s arrival before making purchases to avoid jinxing their good fortune.

In saying that, most women unaware of what pregnancy might hold for them prefer meaningful gifts they can incorporate into the months until baby arrives, homemade gifts that provoke thought for each individual. Check some of these gift ideas for soon-to-be new momma out.

1. Give the gift of a journal

When you give a female about to become a new parent a journal or a diary that she can write in each day documenting her experiences with the baby while pregnant. It creates a bonding experience for mother and child before the infant ever arrives.

At some point, when the kid grows into adulthood, she can pass the book on, and they can discuss the experiences. Eventually, perhaps the tradition will catch on, and as babies come along, each family member will create a journal to pass on.

2. The sonogram is its own give that keeps giving

A sonogram is often simply put in a frame or a photo album. Usually, you get many baby pictures as you go to the varied doctor appointments throughout the pregnancy.

In order to make these more meaningful and compile them together, a friend who might be a good seamstress could create a quilt with the sonograms scanned onto the fabric.

It would become a lifelong treasure that can go from generation to generation, with momma and daddy using it to cuddle during the pregnancy and the little one using it in the crib when they make their appearance.

3. An album to document the progression

Most moms want to document from the day they declare their pregnancy to the world until the day they go into labor, the bump, along with any other changes that take place during the nine-month journey.

A close friend could give the creative gift of not only the photo album but be the one who comes each day to take the pictures and help decorate the album with little comments and decals on each image describing how mother is feeling that day.

3. “Oh my aching feet”

On most gardening sites, there are recipes for herbal soaks for the feet (check “Garden Therapy” as a resource suggested). When a woman is pregnant, her feet suffer the consequences. Usually, ankles swell to twice their size, and feet need motivation just to function in everyday situations.

When a loved one takes the time to blend the ingredients and produce a soak for their lovely friend to sit and wallow in for as long as she chooses, she will probably move a rank up to best friend status.

It would be even nicer if they could enjoy the experience together while indulging in some craving food and some fun conversation, sort of like a ladies’ day out.

4. Calling cooks or bakers in the friend or family circle

Everyone knows when a lady is pregnant, there are cravings galore. One sure-fire gift idea for the soon-to-be mom is to create the peskiest cravings from scratch, putting them in unique containers and packaging them up in a beautiful basket to present to mother.

That way, your favorite female can snack whenever that desire strikes without anyone having to run out in the middle of the night to try to find peanut butter and relish-covered pretzel sticks. She’ll already have them in a jar. (Where would you ever find those anyway?)

What gifts could a husband give a first-time mom?

Not only is a first pregnancy a special time for the female in the household, but a husband is walking on the clouds right now. He is so excited about the prospect of becoming a father but has such love for his wife for giving him this gift.

Most men don’t know how to spoil her or in what way to provide a gift that would show his love and support, but he must do so. These gifts that a husband gives to the first-time mom reference as “push presents,” typically given to the mother before giving birth to the baby.

These mean to tell the woman having his child how much he appreciates all she’s gone through during the pregnancy and congratulate her on enduring the experience with so much positivity and strength.

The way to present the gift is in somewhat of a secretive manner whether you do so while she’s resting, leaving it on the pillow beside her, or place it inside her packed bag that’s ready for the hospital and ask that she make sure she has everything before you go.

She will treasure these moments always. Some ideas for these gifts that are supposed to be sentimental include:

1. A collection of birthstones

The suggestion is to get the baby’s birthstone if you are positive when the baby will be born, without a doubt. The idea is to somehow take the diamond engagement ring that your wife might have and have the stone added to that ring as a surprise.

The only issue is figuring out how to get the ring in order to do that. It’s further recommended that a husband add his birthstone, so everyone in the family is accounted for. Then any children that come along in the future will be added as well. That’s a great original gift for a pregnant mom for the first time.

2. A designer diaper bag

With this idea, the indication is that the bag can serve two purposes since it’s designer. When the little one is at home with dad, momma can go out with friends toting the bag as a purse.

That will carry on long after the child is out of diapers since the bag’s design is such that it looks more like a handbag than it does for a kid.

3. A monogram

If the baby’s name has already been picked out, an initial necklace with the baby’s monogram would be a cherished gift idea for the new mom. That is also something that, as the child grows, it can be passed for them to wear.

Another variation is to have mom, dad, and baby’s first initials monogrammed onto a necklace or other object as a keepsake for the special moment.

4. A lifetime supply of massages

Okay, maybe it couldn’t be a lifetime supply. Still, well into the future, a new mom should be given certificates allowing for spa days where she can have the luxury of a massage, manicure, and pedicure.

In this way, she can enjoy some quiet serenity for a few hours each week while her husband takes over the household and baby duties. Perhaps, the wife can even come home to find that dinner has been prepared to give her an evening free as well.

5. A gift meant just as a wife from a husband

Instead of giving something that has to do with being pregnant or having a child, a husband might want to present his wife with something meant strictly for her, so she doesn’t feel that she is solely identified in one role.

Perhaps get tickets to a favorite concert that the two of you can attend or send her with her friends for an evening out to dinner and dancing. A time when she could be who she was before she became a mother.

Final thought

Pregnancy gifts for a mom-to-be shouldn’t be something commercial that you pick up off the shelf. Close friends and family of the beloved will be welcoming a new member into their circle.

These gifts need to be thought-provoking from the heart and handmade. With interactive gifts, everyone participates in the joy of the experience.

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