How to Search for Someone on all Dating Sites at Once

Do you suspect that your partner is hiding a profile on dating websites? And you need the right ways to search for their accounts on all of these different sites at once? Then, we’ll show you how to trace a person on multiple sites in one single search, but make sure you have some information about the individual because you’ll need that later.

Searching all the dating sites altogether

Try a dedicated search engine

Let’s face it, tracing someone’s accounts on dozens of dating websites on one search is not that easy, however, with a dedicated search system, there will be more results in a few minutes. What’s different here is that people can easily search many dating websites by email, phone number, name, or even an address.

That allows the user to find as many accounts as possible on public records and through private databases that are not accessible from regular sites or search engines. Moreover, there are more ways for searching well-known dating sites without the need for signing up, you can use the first name of the person followed by their address or even type their license plate number or other contact details.

So, try these options first, and if it doesn’t work, use the following strategies.


Google search is dominating the search in the United States and all over the world, it’s like 85% of the total search, and ignoring such an Internet giant won’t be helpful for anyone. What you need is the advanced search version of Google which brings all the power of filters and exclusions to find a single search result of a group of details about someone.

Now, let’s say that you want to find a profile of someone called “john”, but the same person can use another name and username to create different accounts on dating sites. Consequently, it will be better to add all those names in one search followed by the domain names of the dating websites you want to search through. Here is an example of a search that you can use with Google:

john OR sophia OR sweetusername OR OR OR

Add as many domains as you want, but for faster search results, we recommend keeping them as short as 10 sites at once.

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In addition to that, Google also has an advanced image search engine that works differently, now, we’re going to find a person on dozens of dating sites in one search, however, what we’ll get is any of their pictures. Next, when Google shows us any picture of that person on the dating websites we defined in the search, we can click on them and that will be redirected to the exact profile on any of those platforms.

Again, here is how you can search for the example name called “Matthew” on different websites at one time, first make sure you use the exact structure of the search filter like the following:

“matthew” OR

Now, just replace the name “Matthew” with your boyfriend or husband’s name, next, replace the domain name of the above sites with the exact ones of the dating or adult sites you suspect the guy is using secretly. Then, the search engine will display all the possible photos found on that person’s name on these sites altogether.

Once you find a picture, click on it to see if the profile is active or not, if you see a permission notification, that means, the picture on that profile has been indexed, but the content on the page is only accessible for members, so, it’s blocked.

Bing advanced search keyword

This is like the advanced version of the Google search engine, but not exactly the same. Bing is another search engine that can help in finding almost anybody’s hidden dating account through a single search parameter, but of course, if the profile is not visible publicly, Bing won’t be able to find it. That being said, here is how to search for someone on the most popular dating websites:

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First, visit the Bing search, then, put your friend or partner’s first and last name inside quotes followed by the next list of dating site domains.

“partner’s name” ( OR OR OR OR

As you can see, Bing has a dedicated search filter that laser focuses the search results on what the user is looking for exactly. Thus, if you want to search for someone on for example, you’ll need to put ( after the name or any username you know about that individual. Meanwhile, if you want to avoid searching for that person on different dating sites separately which will waste the time, you can just put the list of the most used apps and platforms in a single search like the above example I used.

Remember that Bing and Google have different databases and indexes, both search engines have their own search algorithms, and what you can’t find with Google, you may see in Bing and vice versa. This is not about which search engine is more useful for people search or popular among Internet users, but it’s all about the existence of any information about people and their social and dating accounts.

Sometimes, Google can find the page but it prefers not to index it because it’s not that important for users. On the other side, Bing crawlers may find the same page on that exact domain and this time index it.

If you want to use the search differently, Bing has some search options that you can try yourself and search multiple dating sites without joining any of them.


The first time I used DuckDuckGo, I thought that it will be another search engine that uses Google or Bing to fetch the data and display it under their own brand, but that’s not the case, Duckduckgo uses over 450 sources of data to get the information that the user is searching for. That means more databases and systems to search thousands of combined online pages and including any possible dating profile.

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Of course, DuckduckGo also uses Bing, Apple discovery, and Google to find details, but that’s not all of the algorithms they have, in fact, it can find other hidden pages on social media because the search engine uses its own crawler called DuckDuckbot. That’s good for anyone who is looking for a specific person on these sites.

Why search multiple dating websites at once?

On one hand, searching each website separately takes time and if you can just think about the big number of dating apps out there, you’ll conclude that finding a specific person there won’t be easy. So, there should be a faster way to find your spouse on dating sites with a single search, and this is what makes things easier.

When you want to find someone on Facebook dating, for example, you’ll need to search the site directly, but what if the guy is hiding multiple accounts? It won’t be clear to tell for sure which account belongs to him because he used different names, locations, and pictures.

On the other hand, when searching for a specific person on all the popular dating sites altogether, you’ll avoid browsing hundreds of profiles, and also, you’ll get exactly what you look for.


There should be more ways to locate friends on multiple websites that millions of members use for dating or other adult purposes, but not all of them work. We saw many fake search sites claiming that they can find users on all the known dating platforms with a single search. But that’s only what they say, there is no system protection, and users may find themselves lost between pages and annoying ads. That’s why we tested the above options to search for people on these sites and find their dating profiles faster and in better ways.

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