How To Get Him To Stop Dating Others

In the first stages of dating, the couple enjoys excitement, infatuation, and a degree of informality. Until exclusivity becomes established, two people have the option of seeing multiple people at the same time until there’s a determination they want to be exclusive with one partner.

Still, even after becoming exclusive, some guys will continue seeing other people until there’s a solid commitment. It can be challenging to determine how to get your crush to stop dating the other girls if you feel you should be the one and only for the long term. 

Sometimes a man is unclear of what he wants until it clicks that this is the person he wants to spend his life with. On top of that, those who are particularly attractive will have many people pursuing them, meaning there is intense competition. 

Still, when the evidence is clear that your love is right, your boyfriend will no longer be swayed by other people. Let’s look at a few tips on ensuring that your guy recognizes the partnership as the right one when it’s essential to do so.

How to get a guy to stop dating other girls

Relationships progress in stages. In the beginning, the couple is somewhat casual, meaning the individuals will continue to see multiple people. The effort of dating informally is to try different people on until you meet the one you don’t want to share. 

The problem is ensuring that you’re both on the same page at the same time. You can undoubtedly become exclusive, but your partner is not quite ready to do so. You don’t want to lose the guy, so it’s wise to give him space to continue to explore, hoping he’ll take the next step with you sooner rather than later.

A suggestion is not to let the stage go on for too long if you’re ready to move on to the next step. If the man is not prepared to become exclusive and committed to only you, perhaps the partnership isn’t right for him, and it’s time to move on. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t put forth some effort to see if you can see his thoughts. Check out a few tips on how you might be able to encourage a partner to find you a more likely exclusive commitment than dating other people.

Don’t show an over-interest compared to the other daters

No one wants to have to apply pressure to the person they love to encourage moving forward in the partnership. You don’t want to be standoffish or play hard to get. It’s essential to show there’s interest above the casualness you’ve had to this point, that you’re ready for the next step. Still follow his lead if he’s not ready.

It’s important to internally put a time limit on remaining stagnant for your own greatest good. That’s not something you would divulge to your mate in an almost ultimatum sort of context. Men prefer to feel as though they’re pursuing the person they love instead of being put into an unfamiliar situation.

You’ll have a slight edge over other people in the dating pool who will likely be much more gregarious, especially when they feel there are other people to compete with. 

When you recognize you don’t need to compete, you can always move on to someone ready to move forward to an adult, mature, committed relationship; your partner might appreciate your stance and decide it’s time. 

Don’t be readily available on a whim

Generally, there’s an incentive to move into the next stage of a relationship when there’s a fear that you might lose something important to you. If the topic of being casual for a while has been broached, it might be time to consider moving to the next level, but your partner is avoiding the subject each time you try to discuss it; there are other ways to try to get the point across.

Without being distant or cold, you can become busy when your boyfriend reaches out for a last-minute date out. Or you can take some time to respond when a text or call is coming in rather than reacting immediately.

This way, he could start to think you might also be involved in some of your own casual dating.

Men are not necessarily fond of the thought of their partner seeing other people any more than their mate enjoying the idea of their guy dating multiple partners when it’s time to move forward. 

It’s important to make it seem as though you’re simply going along with how he prefers things between you. In most cases, it will be the man’s idea to become exclusively committed in this scenario.

Maintain eye contact longer and more frequently

Eye contact helps couples establish a deeper connection and establish certain ease with the individual. The suggestion is to not stare at the other person in a way that would make anyone uncomfortable. It’s merely a matter of catching their gaze and holding it for a few seconds.

It’s just enough to let the other person know what you’re thinking, to develop a sense of romanticism but not create awkwardness. It will get easier as time passes, and you become more comfortable as a couple. 

When you see multiple people, it’s challenging to establish that level of intimacy with more than one person; it’s just not there. It’s usually reserved for the partner with whom there is some semblance of security, one that recognizes your body language and can read it when you catch their glance for a few seconds.

Reassume their interest away from someone else

Suppose a boyfriend with whom you want to take the next step has assumed more interest in someone other than you. In that case, it becomes necessary to find a way to direct the attention back to you and away from the other person. That way, your mates stop pursuing the individual.

This takes being more clever than the guy because it will send the man back to the other person in greater stride if he finds out your intention. 

That’s because he will find you to be vindictive and look at the other person he found initially appealing as the better choice, likely resenting you for your behavior. 

Sometimes a partner you want to take to the next step isn’t the right one for you. You might win the “coveted spot,”. But in the end, if the two of you are less than compatible, the relationship will reflect that. 

In some cases, it is better to let the partnership take its natural course instead of trying to force something that the other person simply isn’t into.

Speak to him upfront and bold

If a mate isn’t slow about making up his mind about whether to move forward into exclusivity, and it’s been a few months, there’s no harm in asking the question boldly upfront. In doing so, you need to be prepared for what that answer might be, though.

Sometimes someone must step forward when things seem to be standing still. 

It’s not necessarily putting stress or pressure on the other person but instead expressing how you feel in case your boyfriend doesn’t have a clear idea and offering a slight nudge, so you know where you stand with them. 

Sometimes a guy keeps his feelings to himself, harboring a bit of fear of rejection if he were to reveal his desire for more in the partnership. 

If you show where you see things and how you would like them to progress, it will allow him the opening to be vulnerable without fear of judgment or being let down.

Being bold and honest with your approach is always a good idea. Communication is key to a healthy, thriving partnership. If he doesn’t feel the same, he’s free to express those feelings, and you can both move on.


One thing that everyone in a couplehood needs to remember is that if someone doesn’t see your value, it’s in your best interest to continue your search until you find someone who does. 

Of course, if you invest time and energy into cultivating a healthy partnership and the desire is to take that into an exclusive commitment, it makes sense that you won’t want to merely throw that away. 

You will want to invest as much effort into attempting to move it forward, even if your boyfriend seems hesitant.

Sometimes the fear of loss is eye-opening. If you present the situation and he appears uncertain, give the guy space for a while. Seeing life without you in it might be enough to help him see that the next step is where he wants to go, and he wants to do so with you. 

After a while of dating multiple people casually, men grow tired of that landscape and hope to find that one person to share everything with. They sometimes need a nudge to recognize the moment they’ve found the right one.

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