How To Find Out What Social Media Sites My Boyfriend Is On

Nowadays, searching for your boyfriend, husband, or partner in general on social media sites is not that complicated. In a few minutes, you can type your boyfriend’s name, his phone number, email, or username and find out if he hides secret profiles on the major social platforms. But for sure, when you don’t have an idea about the apps to use, you’ll need to spend extra time with search engines.

For that reason, we have the best ways to see if someone has a hidden social account. Just follow the next options.

When people use social networking sites, the goal used to be to make connections with like-minded people to discuss issues on topics that mattered, sort of like a digital book club. 

These have changed drastically over the years, though, not for everyone. Some people still take advantage of networking, especially on Instagram, an incredible platform for business purposes when used appropriately. 

Now social media platforms have a significant impact on romantic relationships. Among the primary reasons for keeping connected with someone is to monitor them and the person they’re currently in a partnership with. 

A large majority of those enjoying Facebook do so in an effort to learn what they can about past mates to the point a term is coined (quote) “IES” or “Interpersonal Electronic Surveillance.” (end quote) It also has the reference as (quote) “social surveillance” (end quote)

Is this another form of stalking ex-mates, and why do former partners want to do that? Plus, many are also checking up on current boyfriends to see what social sites they’re using. 

In a sense, this can bring security to the partnership or perhaps create distress for the snooper based on what is found out, how the posts are perceived, and if their relationship has a strong enough bond, the two of them can have a conversation to clear the air. 

But how does one do that if they were monitoring without a mate’s permission or knowledge? First, let’s determine how to check which social media platforms a boyfriend is on.

Finding out which social media sites your partner is on

When you want to find out what social networks your boyfriend is using, it’s important to realize the posts you see don’t necessarily depict what’s coming across in the photo. 

You might interpret the image differently from what was actually happening, starting a conflict resulting in your boyfriend or girlfriend finding out that you were snooping. 

That could potentially lead to bigger issues. It’s wise to consider these factors and decide if you truly want to take these steps and check up on what’s happening with your partner or leave it at “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.” 

In any event, most everyone has a profile on at least one social site, some on many. There are a few methods to locate a person on any social network. Check these relatively easy steps to follow.

(Fast and simple) Use a people search engine for a reverse lookup

Since you have your boyfriend’s information, a people search with one of the finder services would be super easy, where attempting to go on each social platform and look manually would be extremely time-intensive. 

Some of the people searching websites offer exceptional results in a matter of a few minutes. The following are a few of the favored options:


TruthFinder is among the most recommended of the finder sites for accuracy and current data. The search engine maneuvers through billions of records and uses many public databases to provide a detailed summary. That can include the social media platforms the individual uses along with their contact details, past / current locations, and possibly more.

After bringing up the website, you will choose a cell phone number, real name, or email to search by and wait for the site to go through the databases. Once the tool assists in recognizing a possible match, you will then view the summary inclusive of the social networking profiles.

If we talk about updates, this is one of the best solutions to find hidden profiles with your boyfriend’s email address as the crawler fetches fresh details 24/7. If you man uses multiple accounts on Instagram and Facebook, there is a good chance to discover the details behind them. So, you may view his photos, profile details, and more when possible.


Spokeo will assist with searching for social account profiles using different searching indicators like email, name, or phone. It will look up over 100 social platforms that will include the top in the industry, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The search will reveal dating profiles, of course, identity, and online presence.

Once you reach the website, you will enter either your name, email or phone to search. If you don’t see what you need, you can ask the site to “view more results” or “see results” if the precise individual is on the list.


PeopleFinders is a discreet and confidential site that lets individuals search easily for their mates and effectively. The information received is quite extensive and found to be accurate by entering either an email, phone, or name.

To get the list of sites your boyfriend is on, make sure you try all the possible search options. The name is the best way, but if you see lots of similar profiles, then it’s better to use a mobile number or email when that’s valid.

Do a Google search

Among the most popular methods for finding someone is with a Google search. With a partner, you should have a relatively fair amount of information to enter either an email, or phone. Of course, a complete name is to be added to the search engine, likely bringing up the social platforms the individual participates with. 

The greater the details you have on your mate, the more information you can gather with the most accuracy. If you already know which platforms your boyfriend is a member of, you can add this with the contact details in an effort to narrow the search. 

Even more, will come from an image if you use the “Google Reverse Image Searching Tool.” If these techniques don’t work, try the manual method.

Manually search all social networking websites

This is a last-ditch effort, but with sufficient information, you can sometimes hit the jackpot with the person coming right up with their profile for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of these platforms will let individuals search for contacts.

For Instagram

There is a tool built-in specifically for searching. The issue with Instagram searching is you need to know that person’s specific username on the platform. First, you open the app, tap the magnifying icon on the bottom, and add the username if you have that information. 

After that, you will proceed to the “accounts” tab and scroll until you find the user you’re looking for. There’s really no other way, not phone or email, to search for a person on the platform.

Check for mutual friends that could be following your boyfriend. If you know their username, open their platform and look through their followers/following to see if you can find your boyfriend on their social media account.

Searching Facebook

Again, there is a tool to search for individuals using either a username, phone number, or email address. Tap on the magnifying icon in the right upper corner and put in the details. You may choose to search by the first name instead, and browse the list of profiles you can see.

Using a mate’s phone number allows an accessible location of the Facebook profile since you can use your “econtact book” to sync with the platform by opening the account, tapping the three dots in the upper right, and hitting “Find Friends.”

For Twitter

For this platform, you need to search by name or username. You likely have your partner’s full name to enter into the social media account. Then you will strike the magnifying icon near the bottom. In that space, you’ll enter the name, and the site will filter the results based on a few different categories.

Again, you will sync your digital contact addresses using the “profile icon” at the top “menu.” You will select “settings” and then “privacy” followed by “safety,” “discoverability,” then “contacts,” after which you will choose “sync address book contacts.” 

With syncing, the people from your digital address book will from then forward, be uploaded to the Twitter platform. And those people who are already members of Twitter will show up, meaning your mate will be visible.

These methods are not that challenging to find your boyfriend on the varied social media sites except perhaps manually. Still, if you have solid information on him, even that is not too challenging. 

Plus, you will likely only wish to go through the favored platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The only other ones coming close to those in the current landscape are TikTok and Snapchat.

It’s also possible to search for your partner’s accounts on Tinder, dating sites, or other networks. 

But again, with the people-finder website, you will likely locate all social sites your mate is frequenting. The only problem with all of this is the surveillance of someone you’re romantically involved with using social media. Even if it’s done with “benign” intent, it has the likelihood for a conflict as to a sort of invasion into privacy. 

Developing a line of open communication is key in a partnership. If a partner wants to know something, ask. 

There’s no real reason to have to “investigate” if there’s trust in the relationship. Simply go to a mate and inquire what social sites he’s on and then friend him. If he has something to hide, he’ll find a way to hide it. And if he doesn’t, you’re not giving him the benefit of the doubt.


Now, you know how to search and then, find out if your boyfriend has secret profiles on social media networks. You don’t have to ask someone for their private accounts on Facebook or Instagram when you have the search engines we talked about.

Mates recognize each is on social media, and questions will arise. Sharing profiles shouldn’t be an issue, and if there are posts that bring certain feelings, communication is the answer. 

Simply put, “I don’t like how that makes me feel,” and then a partner can explain the reality of the image or the message. People don’t always realize that there’s not a lot of realism in social media. Much of it is smoke and lights. When we can wrap our brains around that, we won’t get so caught up in it.

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