How to Find out if Someone has a Secret Tinder Profile?

When it comes to searching for someone on Tinder to find his profile, many search options can help. But if the person behind that account is blocking his personal information from being discovered publicly, extra steps are needed.

Here is how you can find out if a person has a Tinder profile without joining the site, if you prefer. Best of all, if they hide that secret detail, you may be able to see the pictures, and the extra data if you use the right search systems and strategies.

Search by name

Without being complicated, the process of searching for someone online using his first name and location or city with this lookup platform is the most accurate way to tell if they have social media accounts or other hidden details.

This is like a huge database with names and personal information about millions of people in the United States. So, don’t use it if you are looking for someone who is in another country. Other options can help instead like the below solutions.

To search for someone’s Tinder account by name, visit the tool above and type the person’s exact name. Then if you know their location, add that detail. Now, click on the search button and let the system do its search in the background, which might take a few minutes or so depending on the availability of the data and other factors.

Finally, once you see the report, open it and look for any social media profile that the guy owns, including Tinder, TikTok, Instagram, and others, if there is any one of them, of course. Being said, there is no guarantee that with every search, you’ll see the profile you are looking for. That also depends on the public records, the data, and what the search engine is able to find and extract as details.

Keep in mind that searching for a specific dating account on Tinder with the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend may not work all the time. Guys could change names and use fake ones. So, keep an eye on the following search options if there are no details found on their name.

You can also have a look at our guide about finding the real name behind someone’s account on Instagram. So, it’s another method for searching and finding additional details.

Find them by phone number

As you can see from the signup page on many dating websites, there is an option to register directly by phone number. Tinder is one of the most active platforms that millions of users log into frequently to check their messages and notifications directly from their smartphones. Thus, you have another powerful search option to find your partner on Tinder using his cell phone number. But that’s not guaranteed to work all the time.

That being said, many users have found their friends on Tinder through their mobile numbers because many databases already include that information from various sources and ways.

As another tip here, remember that people could also own secondary numbers. By searching for any extra number you have in mind, you’ll make the chances of finding them on Tinder faster.

Try reverse email lookup

Using the same email address on all their social media accounts and dating profiles is what most users do today. That’s because they don’t have the time to signup for different email providers just to create an account on Tinder and another one on similar dating apps.

In order for you to find your partner’s hidden Tinder account using their email, make sure you try a trusted search system like the one above we talked about. It’s what works well for users in the US. If you’re looking for tracing the Tinder account of people in other locations, you may try Google, Bing, and other public search engines.

Don’t assume that these sites will never find such dating accounts, even if Tinder as an application and huge platform is closed for search without an account, many advanced algorithms have built their databases from that site and other sources of records. So, trying that is not going to waste your time.

Can you find them through Facebook?

If you take a look at how the Tinder profile signup process works, you’ll see that all the new users have the option to signup with Facebook, phone number, or Google. This means the site brings the new user data from his existing Facebook profile and may look easy and fast for many. But in reality, that data could be leaked in data breaches or even regular system updates, which happens for many websites and dating platforms.

Tinder uses Facebook data and phone number

We’re talking about this now to remind you that there is no real privacy when sharing data on social networks. By using sophisticated search tools like the one above, you could find if someone is registered on Tinder or not through his Facebook. You can do that by searching for their username or mobile number. If there is an account associated with that information, it will be easily discovered by search engines.

Now, here is another important piece of information regarding the privacy of Facebook and Tinder users. When someone accidentally shares a story on his Facebook page from his Tinder account, all of his followers can see that. Also, some Tinder users are not aware of the privacy settings. Because of that, they’ll be surprised once they find their Tinder profile username, photos, and information published publicly on Facebook.

To stay anonymous on Tinder, users who signup through Facebook should tweak their privacy settings to prevent the dating app from posting content on behalf of the user on Facebook.

Also, that allows almost anyone to search for people’s hidden accounts on Tinder using their photos. Some reverse image search sites like Google images allow you to upload a picture of someone, and find if they have a social account on that photo. Of course, if a person has used Facebook to signup for Tinder, his profile photos will be the default picture on his Tinder account.

If that’s already indexed, or let’s say, found by these sophisticated programs, uncovering them will take a few minutes or so. So, give these tricks a try if you think that the person you want to locate on Tinder has a Facebook account.

The boring search method

This is not the best solution, it needs an account to search Tinder directly for your boyfriend, husband, or others. So, first, try to build your account based on what you expect from your partner to put as details on his Tinder profile. That will accelerate the process of finding his hidden account because Tinder sees that you both share the same interests, age, location, city, etc…

This is like trying to match with someone you already know where they live and what they have, such as hobbies, age, etc…Next, limit the search to your local area, and swipe right and left the Tinder profiles. The smaller your city or search area is, the faster you’ll find their hidden profiles. Give this search strategy a try even if it’s time-consuming and boring at the same time if you think it worths your time and effort.

Another good feature in Tinder is that it lets users search for a specific person using his name, but only if they both match.

These are the best ways to search and locate people on Tinder using their personal information such as their names, emails, phone numbers, and others. Try them and let us know if you have used other techniques in the past that can help others.

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