Does Not Texting a Guy Back Make him Want you More?

Ignoring your boyfriend’s text messages is not always a good way to get his intentions. Of course, some people will tell you that by doing this, you may force him to text back. But that’s not true for every person. In this guide, I’ll talk about that and show you the possible scenarios that will happen when you don’t text a guy back.

If you want to short answer, here is it:

Some guys will stop texting once you do that first, and you may find yourself unable to fix the relationship issue at that stage. Others will feel sorry about you, and they’ll think that something wrong has happened to you. So, if they don’t get a message back, they can call your family and want to see what happens to you. Later, they’ll have that idea that you don’t miss and care about them as they do, as simple as that.

Now, here is the other type of guy that indeed will think about you more because they don’t get any new messages from you. Even if this works for you, you may be with someone who suffers from social issues, and you’re the only one who talks to, and he doesn’t love you as you think. But he’s trying to get your messages because he has no other friends.

That being said, that’s not always bad. Some of these men really want to hear back from their girlfriends. Thus, they’re not struggling with any social problems or isolation. But they’re ordinary people who deserve your love because they missed you and will be with you.

He’ll be worried about you

In general, good guys want to hear from their lovely girlfriends. By not texting them again, they’ll miss them and have some sort of bad feeling. Even more, they’ll think that something wrong happened to the sweetheart. 

If you just started the relationship, things might not be that way exactly. However, if you want to make your man think about you and want you more than before, don’t try this technique; it could be problematic.

When someone cares about his other half, he’ll try to be on your side. That way, if you don’t care about him, he’ll be stressed, and when you think that you’ll make him want you more, that could be a different result. So, he can end your relationship just because he thinks you don’t deserve his care and love, unfortunately.

He’ll wait for your next message

Some guys are shy because we’re all human and don’t share the same interests and psychological behavior. Asa result, some guys don’t try to express their real feelings, especially in the first days of a new relationship. In this case, your boyfriend will not take any action because you stopped texting him back. Instead, he’ll wait and see what happens next.

Some guys do not care about their girlfriends that much. Unfortunately, this is not the right time to test if that’s true with your partner or not. That’s simply because he could be trying to stay silent and give you the time to think about your own issues. In other words, trying to test if your guy likes you or not by stopping texting him back is not a good idea.

He’ll try to reach out to you to see what happens

This is what happens when you ignore a man and make him attached to you more than anytime before. In fact, if the guy loves you and he’s attached to you, he might be worried because you stopped sending him texts anymore.

If the man is in love with you and he’s not shy like in the example above, he’ll try to contact you back, but not always by text. Instead, he could try other ways like calling your phone number, sending a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc…

He’ll understand that you’re not for him

If you don’t consider your boyfriend’s feelings when ignoring his calls and messages, you could get the opposite result of what you wanted in the beginning. So, if the man cares about you and suddenly stops responding to his texts or calls, he might think you have found someone else. 

Believe it or not, that could happen. And if that’s the case, you’ll find yourself in need to explain why you ignored his messages and why you did that, etc…

In all cases, trying to find an excuse for not responding to your partner’s text is not a comfortable situation. If you think that your husband or partner is the kind of guy that quickly finds someone else when being rejected, don’t do it, it can be the real issue.

The main thing here is, don’t play with your relationship because you saw someone on Youtube trying to teach you something that will not happen in real life. Not all the guys think the same way. Many of them won’t come back when someone ignores them, which is the same thing for girls.

Other ways to get his attention

Stop messaging someone you used to talk to daily is not always an excellent way to make them want you. It can do the opposite. Instead of that, you may try other ways to make him think about you, like mastering the art of texting. Nowadays, many guides explain the psychology of messaging. Once you follow the guides, you’ll be able to make your man want you more than you thought by stopping texts only.

These are the most common scenarios when a girl ignores his guy’s message, whether they use iPhone, Android, or even a texting application on a laptop. You need to understand that there is no rule when it comes to testing others, including your boyfriend. By believing in what others say at 100%, you may destroy your relationship without even noticing that you’re the victim in the end.

So, my dear, always count every step you take and ask yourself what should be wrong and accurate when it comes to texting the man you like.

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