Do Guys Like Texting Everyday?

Do guys like texting every day? And how often should you text him? Is there any limit, or does it all depend on your relationship rules, circumstances, and other factors? And what if he suddenly stops sending messages anymore? Does that mean he’s not interested, or maybe that’s how men handle the use of texting over the phone?

In this guide, we’ll talk about these issues and show you the tips and recommendations for messaging and what you can expect from a guy who loves you in terms of texting frequency, emails, etc…

There should be a time when you ask yourself if you’re texting him too much. That happens a lot these days because when someone keeps talking about his daily problems with his partner, things can go wrong after some time. That’s because we’re human in the end, and we don’t want to be disturbed by the daily routines that others do, even if we love them.

There is no rule for texting routines

There is no rule that says if a guy loves you, he will text you every single day, that depends on many factors, and so, you should never rely on these guesses. Instead, give your man the time to think about his personal issues and life challenges. If you’re living with your parents, he might be traveling for work and living alone, which will add more stress to his daily routine.

Consequently, texting his girlfriend or the lady he’s attracted to every day won’t be that easy for guys in these circumstances or those with business occupations.

At the same time, if you have something to say, then text your boyfriend without bombarding him with messages day and night. Even if he loves you deeply, he can’t handle lots of texts on his mobile phone at the same time.

Additionally, when you send your man, every idea you have in mind, every thinking, and everything you do, he’ll be disturbed, and one day, he could break up, and that’s what you don’t want.

Now, I understand that many girls, and probably you’re one of them, use Instagram or other social media apps to tell the world about everything they did, but that’s not good all the way. Men don’t like to be disturbed by things they’re not interested in, exactly like girls who don’t want to spend time on things that men enjoy doing.

What girls like and enjoy doing without issues is not the same for guys. Thus, you need to understand that sending one text message per day to your partner is much better than telling your boyfriend about everything in your life with tons of texts that make him bothered.

Men text every day in these conditions

If the guy you’re attracted to loves you, and he’s texting you days and nights without issues on your smartphone, Facebook, etc…, then, be sure that he’s fighting for you, and he’s trying to be on your side even in the worst moments. Some guys have hard work to achieve, and even with that, they dedicate some time on a daily basis to say “good night” or “good morning” to their girlfriends, and that’s so good on both sides.

Now, the issue is how long will the man keep doing that texting routine with his sweetheart? That can continue for weeks or days, if not months, but at some point, there will be things to do at that time, and stopping texting you every day could make you feel neglected or lost. That’s why it’s not recommended to overdo texting if that’s not needed or at least managed correctly.

That being said, many men who are not serious about their relationships will find a way to neglect your messages and stop texting for a couple of days; then, they’ll come back with different excuses. So, be careful with that and think about it. If that bad texting habit continues a lot, then, it’s a sign of cheating, or not taking you seriously as a girlfriend or wife.

Best time to text him

Because this also depends on what your boyfriend is doing and the time you have, I recommend texting your man at a specific time of the day if he’s working. The best time for texting is at lunch, after dinner, and in the morning when he’s having his breakfast.

That said, avoid asking questions or telling stories that bother him at that time. It’s the beginning of their journey, and no one would like to be disturbed by Instagram stories he’s not interested in.

Also, let your man focus on his work and avoid being selfish by waiting for every reply to your messages. You could be right because you have thoughts, etc… But waiting for his reply even after hours is also good for both sides, and if you don’t trust your husband or partner, then you’ll have all kinds of doubts and troubles.

It’s also a good idea to choose between calling or sending a message. If one way of communication is better for that time, then, it makes sense to use it over the other.

Will he miss you if you stop texting?

This is a strategy that many women fail to understand, so they think that by stopping texting their boyfriends, they’ll miss them in return instantly, but that could cause more issues than bringing benefits and interest.

In some situations, that might work, and by ignoring your man for a day or two without texting him, he could ask himself if you’re okay or not and, eventually, will start missing you. However, if you’re texting him like every hour, then, when you stop sending new messages, he’ll find that better and will appreciate that you’re not disturbing him anymore, do you see?

Girls vs guys on texting

The best way to understand, or let’s say, compare what guys prefer on texting habits versus girls is to look at their daily routines in addition to their specific needs. For example, when a woman spends an hour on her makeup, a man won’t even exceed 15 minutes or less sometimes if he’s in a hurry. There are differences in smartphone usage between males and females, and that affects how they text, chat or communicate.

That’s probably the same for texting habits, but with exceptions, of course, some guys spend a few minutes writing their text while girls spend more time on that, and that’s the nature of the human body, psychology, and characteristics. So, if your partner stopped texting you for one day, two days, or so, don’t panic, and don’t even assume that he found another woman, he might be traveling for work, and these things happen without a plan.

At other times, he may text you like every single day because he’s on vacation and wants to be with you. But if he stops messaging you for a few days, try to reach him and see what’s happening without being disturbing.

As you can see, there is no final answer for telling how often a man should text his girlfriend if he’s interested. It could be daily if they have the time but don’t panic when he doesn’t text you suddenly for a day or two.

Meanwhile, if you get no new messages from your boyfriend, why not ask him if everything is going well on his side? There could be real problems he’s facing, and stopping texting you is not because he’s not interested anymore, but because he has other things to do at that time.

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