Getting married in your 40s

Getting Married In Your 40s: All You Need to Know

Getting married in your 40s is an option. When anyone turns 40, it’s an invigorating feeling. There’s no longer that awkward, unsure-of-yourself vibe that haunts the 20s and 30s.  A sense of confidence, a comfort in one’s own skin, and exhilaration take over that uncertainty. Where you might have been afraid to speak your opinions … Read this

Older woman younger man relationship advice

Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Advice

Attraction doesn’t have an explicit definition. It comes in varied forms with the notion that we accept it as it appears regardless of our expectations or anticipation or even perhaps disappointment if that be the case.  Disappointment might be a curious suggestion when it comes to attraction. Still, it’s included because of the potential for … Read this

Average dating time before second marriage

Average Dating Time Before Second Marriage

If you’re newly divorced, you’ll find the first foray onto the social scene after your divorce is not one that will make you believe in love again. Everyone is different, but divorce is not easy for anyone, even if you were ready for an extended time. There will still be a substantial period of healing … Read this