My boyfriend talks to other females

My Boyfriend Talks to other Females: Reasons and what to Do

Why does a married man or a boyfriend keep talking to other girls or messaging them daily? Is there any reason for him to be in contact with females everywhere he goes? Or maybe they have the right to talk to anyone they want if that does not break the relationship rules? In today’s guide, … Read this

Does not texting a man back make him want you more

Does Not Texting a Guy Back Make him Want you More?

Ignoring your boyfriend’s text messages is not always a good way to get his intentions. Of course, some people will tell you that by doing this, you may force him to text back. But that’s not true for every person. In this guide, I’ll talk about that and show you the possible scenarios that will … Read this

Do guys like texting everyday

Do Guys Like Texting Everyday?

Do guys like texting every day? And how often should you text him? Is there any limit, or does it all depend on your relationship rules, circumstances, and other factors? And what if he suddenly stops sending messages anymore? Does that mean he’s not interested, or maybe that’s how men handle the use of texting … Read this