How to get him to stop dating others

How To Get Him To Stop Dating Others

In the first stages of dating, the couple enjoys excitement, infatuation, and a degree of informality. Until exclusivity becomes established, two people have the option of seeing multiple people at the same time until there’s a determination they want to be exclusive with one partner. Still, even after becoming exclusive, some guys will continue seeing … Read this

How to get your husband to notice you

How To Get Your Husband To Notice You

Once an exclusive couple becomes comfortable and familiar, it’s natural for complacency to set in. The advice is always to make an added effort, put in the necessary work you did while you were casually dating.  These are the same suggestions a spouse is given when wondering how to get their husband back after things … Read this

A wife's responsibilities with her husband

A Wife’s Responsibilities With Her Husband

A wife and husband share or should share many responsibilities as a team, a couplehood, or a partnership. When one becomes incapacitated, the other one stands up and assumes those responsibilities because that’s what supportive, loving best friends and mates do. Do wives have greater responsibilities “to” their husbands than men do with their wives? … Read this