Dealing with someone who talks too much

How to Deal with Someone Who Talks Too Much

People who have fine-tuned the skill of actively listening and were gifted an enormous amount of empathy tend to fall victim to individuals with no one else to talk to.  Unfortunately, the problem with people with few other people in their lives to discuss issues with is when they do find someone who will listen, … Read this

How to stop being a highly sensitive person

How to Stop Being a Highly Sensitive Person

The suggestion is that roughly 20 percent of people have the personality trait referenced as “HSP” or being a highly sensitive person. This part of the personality dictates that an individual will react more intensely to triggers in a physical context, emotionally, and mentally.  It’s not a concept readily understood, but it is one those … Read this

How to not feel lonely when you're single

How To Not Feel Lonely When Single

Being lonely for both women and men is automatically considered the norm when you’re single and . . . alone. That doesn’t have to be the course of your life. Still, there are moments when it can be the reality regardless of your preference for being a singleton.  You can be busy virtually every moment … Read this