A wife's responsibilities with her husband

A Wife’s Responsibilities With Her Husband

A wife and husband share or should share many responsibilities as a team, a couplehood, or a partnership. When one becomes incapacitated, the other one stands up and assumes those responsibilities because that’s what supportive, loving best friends and mates do. Do wives have greater responsibilities “to” their husbands than men do with their wives? … Read this

Falling in love with someone from another country

Falling In Love With Someone From Another Country: Tips and Advice

Of course, the digital landscape has made it possible not only for people to do business together worldwide. But it’s also made it possible for people to come together and expand the dating pool globally with dating sites offering international opportunities. It’s a new and exciting time with the age of technology, allowing us to … Read this

How to help husband stop drinking when it ruins the marriage

How To Help Your Husband Stop Drinking When It Ruins The Marriage

From the outside looking in, close friends and family members readily share opinions and judgments when a person is dealing with a loved one who has an addiction like alcoholism.  Most often, the top piece of advice is to walk away and leave them with the judgment that they’ll never stop and you’re better off. … Read this