My Boyfriend Talks to other Females: Reasons and what to Do

Why does a married man or a boyfriend keep talking to other girls or messaging them daily? Is there any reason for him to be in contact with females everywhere he goes? Or maybe they have the right to talk to anyone they want if that does not break the relationship rules?

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss these issues. When a boyfriend talks to girls on the phone, streets, or in other places, there are many reasons for that. So we’ll show you what you can do to understand his behavior, and also to fix it or live with it if that’s normal.

Why does a boyfriend talk to other girls?

Why does a boyfriend talk to other girls

He’s not violating the relationship rules

When your man talks to other females online or over the phone, and that looks natural, there is no need to doubt or struggle with that jealousy. We’re in the social media world, and talking to others is fine for different purposes such as work, etc…

That being said, ladies need to take into consideration what others feel when being disturbed just because they talk to someone else in real life or even on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Facebook.

Instead, take a breath and think about that. If your man is talking spontaneously to females in restaurants, cafes, or other places, he might be answering their questions if he’s a celebrity; who knows?

If, for any reason, you think that you caught your boyfriend talking to another girl on WhatsApp or other messaging apps, don’t just assume he’s cheating on you. Instead, investigate the issue. You can do that when you lookup his cell phone number if you want to find hidden associates or secret profiles. Then, make a conclusion based on facts and not based on guesses.

He’s trying to make you jealous

This is what happens when your boyfriend is trying to make you jealous, he’ll try to talk to other girls and make sure you notice that. That’s what many guys do to attract the intention of their girlfriends. But also, that could happen when the guy feels that you don’t care about him. On the other side, girls do the same. Also, they try to make their boyfriends jealous by talking to someone else, so you know what I mean.

He tries to make you jealous

Texting another girl while your man is in a relationship could indicate that he’s talking to an old friend he used to talk to, and it doesn’t mean he’s cheating. For that, you may ask yourself if he tries to let you know about that. If he, indeed, does, then he’s trying to make you jealous.

He’s not the one for you

When your boyfriend has lots of female friends, and I mean like 90% of his Facebook list of friends are girls, then that could indicate he’s a player. Don’t keep yourself struggling with jealousy and bad feelings all the time. Try talking to him directly about the issue and see how he reacts.

If he’s serious about your relationship, there is no need to keep talking to dozens of girls and exchange selfies, photos, and private messages. He could be meeting them in cafes, restaurants, or hotels, especially when he stops talking to you for a week or so.

He's not the one for you

Other girls might wait for the right moment for you two to break up, so they get what they want, and that’s what you don’t need in the end.

If the guy is talking to other girls through social media, and he’s texting them constantly, that could indicate that he’s not really considering you as a partner or a girlfriend.

Also, he might try to cheat on you on social media and dating sites because he meets girls there, and they exchange text messages, photos, numbers, and more. If he’s texting girls every day, and he does not want to explain why he did that, then it’s not normal for him to text females on a daily basis. That’s probably a sign of cheating and an unhealthy relationship.

He’s a player

When a guy talks to other girls on every occasion, he sees them all the time in front of his girlfriend, that’s not good, especially if she feels angry about that and tells him about that clearly.

You need to remember that it’s okay for a man to talk to strangers and girls if that happens naturally on the street or in public places. We’re all social in the end, and you can’t keep your man for yourself in everything. He’ll feel it and will try to break up one day. But if you see that he does that without any respect for your feelings, then he’s a player and will do that with every girl he likes and feels comfortable talking to.

Your boyfriend is a player

When the boy your love neglects you and instead talks to his female friends, that could indicate a problem. And once that happens often, that means he’s not interested in you, or he’s a cheater if you’re together for a long time.

What to do when he’s talking to other girls?

Now that you have an idea of why your boyfriend is flirting with girls you don’t know, here is what you can do next to solve the problem.

Who are those girls?

You have the Internet and social media apps to check with whom your boyfriend is talking face to face. Whenever you see your guy with a girl, ask him about her name and what she does.

Then, do a search on Google to find more about that girl and get her exact profiles on social media apps. In addition, you may try to find her on Facebook by name, and check the friends’ list of your boyfriend also on Instagram. From there, you should have an idea about the girls he’s flirting with in real life and not only by messages.

Just from profile photos, you can know if that girl is good or not, in fact, many profiles on social media are fake, and the pictures are not their own. For that reason, your boyfriend may be talking to a different person than the one he imagined. Thus, you can show him the dangers of talking to strangers about personal life, family, and even work.

That should be easy when you find suspicious details about the girl your boyfriend is talking to. But of course, without investigating online and verifying their identities with search apps, that won’t be possible.

Take your time and think about the issue

If you notice that your beloved boyfriend is treating other girls so kindly, and he’s talking to them day and night through messages and phone calls, you have to take a break and think about that for a while.

You’re the only one who can decide whether or not to be comfortable when seeing your man talking to other girls because that’s not hurting you in any way. Or you have the other option, which is verifying the problem and detecting if he’s actually cheating on you or being manipulated by these females.

Think about the issue

That being said, you can’t really say that your boyfriend is talking to another girl behind your back. He’s a human just like you exactly, and if you want him to stop talking to any female, you also should stop talking to any man, you see?

So, give him that free zone, and he’ll respect you by understanding that you have the right to talk to anyone you want without being disrespectful to your relationship and love. Life is not that restricted as a prison, and you don’t own him, and he does not.

If you feel not secure when being in such situations, it’s a good idea to talk directly to your significant other and show him your real feelings. He’s not a stone, and if he really cares about you, he’d stop doing that for you.

Or, on the other hand, he’ll keep talking to any girl he finds and neglects you. If he does that, then you know what to do. He’s not the one for you, and flirting with strangers in front of the girlfriend is not respectful.


Being in a relationship with a boyfriend who keeps talking to other females in the streets and in public places is not comfortable for you as a girlfriend. But once you figure out what are the reasons behind that, you may have an idea about what to do next or if that’s really a thing that is worth your effort and time.

We’re in the social media world, and your partner may be flirting with an old female friend from his days of university or others. Consequently, that doesn’t mean he’s not in love with you, but that may look annoying to you once you decide to think about jealousy and keeping your man for you only even when he talks or smiles.

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