How to react when he is seeing someone else

How To React When He Is Seeing Someone Else

How can you react when you find out your boyfriend or even a spouse is seeing someone else? First things first, you have to be sure of yourself before jumping to a conclusion.  In some cases, partners presume one thing only to find it was not at all what they thought but rather something entirely … Read this

Emotional messages to your boyfriend when you miss him

Emotional Messages To Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

With all breakups, there’s a healing period each person goes through that differs for everyone. During that time, it’s challenging to stick to the “no contact” guidelines, making the process more complicated, especially when text is so easy.  The thought process often is that a simple “I miss you” message might be worthwhile in establishing … Read this

A wife's responsibilities with her husband

A Wife’s Responsibilities With Her Husband

A wife and husband share or should share many responsibilities as a team, a couplehood, or a partnership. When one becomes incapacitated, the other one stands up and assumes those responsibilities because that’s what supportive, loving best friends and mates do. Do wives have greater responsibilities “to” their husbands than men do with their wives? … Read this