Husband says the other woman is beautiful

What Does it Mean When your Husband Says Another Woman is Beautiful

What does it mean when your husband tells you he feels another woman is beautiful? Does it have to have any particular meaning behind it? or is he merely making an innocent observation that he wants to share with his life partner?  It’s too often that innuendos are made where there is really nothing. Everyone … Read this

Dating a good guy after a toxic relationship

Advice and Tips for Dating a Good Guy After a Toxic Relationship

Among the worst emotional experiences is having a broken heart. Those feelings can be magnified when the partner walking away creates a toxic relationship.  It takes significant time and self-evaluation to work through the issues that result from that if there’s hope to move on to something or someone healthy instead of repeating the pattern. … Read this

Dealing with someone who talks too much

How to Deal with Someone Who Talks Too Much

People who have fine-tuned the skill of actively listening and were gifted an enormous amount of empathy tend to fall victim to individuals with no one else to talk to.  Unfortunately, the problem with people with few other people in their lives to discuss issues with is when they do find someone who will listen, … Read this