Best Ways to Surprise Your Husband and Family with Pregnancy

Surprising a husband and family members with the news of a baby’s pending arrival is an exhilarating trend among expectant moms, especially with the social media craze.

Pregnancy is life-altering, making it the desire of first-time parents to remember every single second from when they find out until their arrival. That’s why it’s vital to create the most unique and memorable reveal for everyone else as the first person privy to the exciting news.

The idea is to try to avoid trends that have already been done to the point that everyone is in on them since they will be too obvious to the recipients. Sometimes it’s easier to mimic other people instead of getting your own creative juices flowing but let’s see if we can think a little bit outside the box.

Surprising a husband when you’re pregnant

Most husbands can’t wait until the day that they become a dad. If you watch any of the reveal videos where wives surprise the men in their lives with pregnancy news, their spouses are genuinely awestruck by the details to the point of shedding tears. It’s heart-stirring.

Imagine if this is your husband, and you’re receiving his reaction in response to the revelation that he will soon become the father to your baby. You’ll want to capture every moment as a snapshot in each of your memories by making sure the reveal is exceptionally special.

So many ideas have been tried, from the classic to the unorthodox, humorous, romantic, and everything in between. Still, with each new pregnancy, moms everywhere creatively brainstorm to think of ways to do something no one on the planet has thought of yet.

Do you think we can do that for you here today? No, in reality, that’s genuinely unlikely. There are too many already out there. Each time I thought of one, it had been done. Still, we will have a good time with the ideas that have popped up for us, which is what matters most. Let’s take a look.

Wrap it up

There’s nothing like receiving a present when you come home from a long day on the job. For the most part, men enjoy receiving surprises. This one might confuse some guys at first if they’re not on the same wavelength, which likely none will be after being at work.

When you come to greet him, have a red ribbon tied around your belly with an attached gift card. Inside the gift card, you can write any number of greetings but something along the lines of :

For my daddy; I can’t wait to meet you – baby 2022

If you’ve been made aware of the specific due date, mark that inside the card. Some moms might want to put the sonogram picture or perhaps take a photo of the pregnancy test and include it inside the gift card.

Family photo

Let your mate know that it’s time to have updated couple’s photos taken with Easter just around the corner. These will make lovely gifts for family and friends, plus you haven’t had any taken in quite a while, and you’ve both had a bit of a change in appearance.

Generally, when the photographer prepares individuals for their photos, he likes to joke and play around with props before snapping the picture, so everyone has a lovely smile on their face.

If you want to get an authentic look of surprise from the reveal, have the photographer hold a sign saying “she’s pregnant” and then snap the picture once the news has sunk in.

Same photographer, different idea

Using the same photographer, but a whole other idea because there are many things you can do with a third-party, especially someone snapping pictures. Suppose you didn’t reveal your pregnancy in the way we mentioned previously but, instead, chose to wait until the photos were to arrive.

Perhaps this particular photographer owes you a favor or two. Say, it’s time to go in and check out the pictures taken so you can select the best of the batch for the finals to be made and sent to you.

While reviewing the photos, your mate comes across a blown-up version of the sonogram that says “baby ….” with your last name. And, of course, the photographer is prepared with the remote to the camera to capture the stunning moment.

Reusable ice is always nice

We’ve likely exhausted the photographer, so we need to move on to something entirely on the other side of the scope, like perhaps food and beverages. You recognize there are markers and paints that you can use with edibles and that there are reusable plastic ice cubes – perfect idea.

Prepare to make your husband his favorite drink, complete with ice cubes with the words daddy, dad, and dada, written all over them. Before pouring, ask if he can finish up each drink because you’re receiving a call, but you’ll be quick.

When he comes to take over, he’ll see the ice. It might take a moment to process, but then he’ll be over the moon.

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Surprising your family with the news that you’re pregnant

Parents reach a certain point when they’re ready to be grandparents and can’t wait for that day to come. Still, when it does, the awe is incredible to watch, especially with the grandads.

There’s just something about a man’s sentimentality that is so endearing. How can we surprise the people we love? They’re usually pretty easy also. Let’s get some ideas.

Dinner date

This is not a new idea. I believe it’s a familiar classic, but it’s a lovely one that I think needs to pass on. Often families will have occasion to go out to dinner together, whether for a holiday or just a gathering. With Easter coming, there’ll likely be many people heading out to the restaurants soon.

The idea is for the mom-to-be to call the restaurant to make the reservation ensuring to add an extra chair. Mom will then go to the establishment ahead of the scheduled dinner to place a baby chair and baby table setting in place of the adult items. When the family arrives and everyone is seated, someone will eventually notice the setting, and the revelation will be made.

Crack the eggs

This can be done in numerous different ways depending on whether you want to use it for a holiday or incorporate it into a baking routine, however you choose. Still, the whole family, or each parent, needs to be in the room.

Regardless of whether the eggs have been cooked or not, one of the eggs needs to be hollowed out so you can incorporate a little slip of paper that lets the family know they’re about to be grandparents.

The trick is getting one of them to crack that egg. If you’re coloring easter eggs or have already colored them, you can ask them to taste their egg to see if they turned out okay.

That way, they’ll have a reason to crack it. If you’re baking, grandma will need to be the one to put the eggs in with grandpa watching her; however, you can make that happen. Your spouse needs to be the cohort keeping everyone in one room together and ensuring that Pap stays with grandma. It’s a team effort.

Make it a gift

A very basic and simple gift idea that can be given any time of the year, really, is a calendar opened to your due date with that day circled and the words – my birthday 2022 – written for the grandparents to acknowledge.

Some families aren’t especially showy or exuberant; some prefer low-key, reserved displays of emotion. This fits right in with that sort of demeanor, but it will also bring excitement to the forefront.

Bring the heartbeat to life

When the doctor reveals the baby’s heartbeat, parents are able to record that for their own cherished memory. That can be passed on to relatives in any number of different keepsakes, whether you choose to have a music box crafted with the sound, perhaps a unique piece of jewelry, and of course, there are the standard stuffed animals that play heartbeats.

These are nothing new, nothing that everyone hasn’t seen or heard, but are genuinely a treasure for everyone that receives the recording.

Final thought

As mentioned, not all these ideas are brand new out of the box thoughts, but each is among some of the most endearing and heartfelt ways to reveal to the people who mean the most that there is a little miracle coming soon and the desire is to share that blessing with them.

In reality, when you let a father know that he’s about to become a first-time dad, any way you do, it will be the most incredible moment of his life because he’s having his daddy experience, and he’ll only get that first one – once.

So don’t fret if your idea is a copy. No one cares as long as you do it your way. All your spouse and family care about – meeting that new little mate.

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