About Us

Rotifoly.com is a website that helps readers in fixing common problems and deal with issues related to smartphones, technologies, search engines, social media, and even more. We focus on quality first. Then we build the guides based on step-by-step systems that readers understand easily without the need for complicated tools and techs.

We’re in a world of global issues, and because not everyone can search the web for every information and find the solutions, we try to simplify things and show you what you can do to stop spammers from calling your number or sending you emails you don’t need anymore, etc…

So, for someone who is trying to stop calls from telemarketers, this might need weeks of research to find a solution. Instead of that, at Rotifoly, we help you with guides to distinguish between legitimate callers and spam numbers in the US. Also, you can find the latest call-blocking technologies, resources, tools, and apps that work.

Our writers have done great work in different fields such as Internet technologies, social networks, telecommunications, and more, which means there are a lot of tricks to learn from. In addition, we take a long way to build the guides. First, we carefully study the subject to write about.

Next, we start doing the research, and next, we test the tools and combine different tests. Finally, we start writing and editing before publishing every single guide. That we, everyone, get the latest tips and tricks related to the Internet and other topics.

If you need any extra tips and tricks for your daily life and technologies, you may send us an email, and we’ll do our best to write about that topic in the future. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll reply as soon as we can.