A Wife’s Responsibilities With Her Husband

A wife and husband share or should share many responsibilities as a team, a couplehood, or a partnership. When one becomes incapacitated, the other one stands up and assumes those responsibilities because that’s what supportive, loving best friends and mates do.

Do wives have greater responsibilities “to” their husbands than men do with their wives? I would have to respond that each is unique in how they handle their role because women and men have different thought processes and mindsets. 

But when things get harried, and you’re sure you’re in danger of being murdered by the boogeyman from the murder mystery on tv (and he’s afraid too), each person walks hand in hand to put the chain on the door and the deadbolt (and the knob lock turned.) 

It’s not one person or the other when there’s turmoil or a personal care need arises, or when it’s dinner time and someone’s hungry, these are shared experiences. 

Whoever wants to cook one night, the other will wash up the dishes. If someone washes a load of laundry, the other will fold and put it away. No one serves anyone unless someone is unwell.

A wife’s role: steps for a content partnership

If you want to focus merely on the role of a wife to a husband, it’s important to realize that each thing a wife does, the same is true of the husband. At least that’s my experience. But what should be the topic is what role is the wife willing to take on as part of a couplehood.

As a supportive person, a woman will typically show a man his potential. And these don’t usually equate with the goals he’s already set for himself. But far exceed those because a man often doesn’t see his own potential or realize that he’s capable of reaching his dreams and becoming successful.

There’s a level of positivity and optimism. A bit of nurturing meant to guide a partner to find the appropriate path he might have avoided due to apprehension, intimidation, and maybe a bit of fear. Still, a woman will stand by his side as he navigates the trials and tribulations that might accompany it. So there’s no desire to give up.

Women were given a specific strength. I can speak of this because I have lovely examples before me, allowing them to handle virtually everything from managing a home to helping those who become ill and working a career, making it seem effortless. 

These roles come naturally after a period of being a carefree singleton. What are some specific things you’ll see a wife handle with her husband (and vice versa)? Let’s learn together.

Unconditional love and admiration

One of the primary responsibilities of a married woman is to ensure that her husband feels not only loved without condition, but that he senses that his wife likes him as a person as well and appreciates who he is.

There will be times when love is tested, rough patches, where anger clouds the emotions. But the fact that you genuinely like this person makes it nearly impossible to maintain a grudge. He might not know that, though.

The priority is to remember what you appreciate about him and what you’re grateful for when there’s strife. Instead of lashing out emotionally, step away from the conflict until you can gather your thoughts and come back to him calm and ready for an effective conversation. This will make him feel loved and respected.

Deflect disrespect and dishonor

There shouldn’t be a time when you participate in negative commentary about your husband, regardless of how harmless you believe it to be, nor “gossipy” conversations with close friends or family. 

In that same vein, you should avoid having public conflicts where there is the potential to humiliate your mate in front of other people by criticizing, belittling, or merely battling with him. 

Whenever there is something that you are unhappy with, or you find humorous, or that might bother you even in the most trivial context, communicate that with your husband. 

There might be nothing he can do to change or fix the flaw, quirk, or perhaps habit. But at least he’ll be aware of your feelings. Maybe the two of you can develop your own “inside joke” or make the situation light-hearted instead of making the man feel inadequate in any way by hearing other people discussing it.

Available and interested

You’ll find techniques that actually need learning because people have such busy minds with thoughts constantly racing they often don’t listen to those around them. But “active listening” and being present are things that you need to practice and be aware of, especially for your partner.

A husband needs to know there is a companion available for him when he needs someone (and vice versa). Someone to whom he can talk when he’s stressed, has a particularly good day, gets exciting news, or just wants to vent. 

A wife needs to be actively attuned to what’s said. So her husband feels heard. That doesn’t mean “solve” problems because most times, when someone needs to talk, they only want someone to hear them, not fix them. 

It would help if you showed through expressions and body language that you’re available, present in that very moment, and what he’s saying is registering with you. 

Then, if he needs advice, be prepared to offer impartial, sound guidance that can genuinely help in some way. It will show that you care about the situation and him.

Opinions and disagreements

Compromise is not strictly a wife’s responsibility, but it is a responsibility in the partnership. There will be disagreements, and it does fall on each person to open themselves up to a willingness to compromise. 

In saying that, it’s essential not to show disrespect simply because the other person disagrees with your opinion.

So, speaking of female responsibilities only as per our topic here today, it’s vital to look at disagreements from both sides. So that you can find a reasonable resolution to the situation. 

It might not necessarily be the outcome you were hoping for. But it will be for the greatest good of the couplehood. Sometimes you’ll find no solution works for either of you. You simply will not agree, there are vastly differing opinions, and that’s okay. 

You don’t have to agree on everything. However, you have to be a strong enough couple to concede that you will agree to disagree on the particular topic allowing each other an individual opinion.

Faithful and loyal

A wife should remain faithful and loyal to her husband once married and in a committed partnership (and vice versa). Without question, this is not only a definitive responsibility but should be given willingly. No wife should give her husband pause as to her loyalty. 

Trust is the foundation for a healthy, thriving partnership. When that is broken, it can be virtually impossible to rebuild. You rarely get a second chance to reestablish that connection once it’s lost. A wife should put forth an effort to ensure the bond deepens as time passes, not weakens.


A responsible wife will engage in personal wellness before taking care of anyone else in the household. If you’re unwell and tense, a spouse can’t be healthy, strong, and joyful; his concern will be with you. 

It’s essential not to take on too many responsibilities to become overworked. Instead, ensure that you ask for help when things get too much. It’s okay to relax sometimes and take some time off from the typical day-to-day. 

Men tend to be workaholics, but if you lead by example with more free time, perhaps he will. Together you could spend more time as a couple. 

You can’t be responsible for helping to take care of your husband’s wellness if you’re neglecting yours. A wife should consult with a physician on creating an ideal health and well-being program complete with a wholesome diet and fitness regimen. 

No two people are precisely the same in their health needs. But a wholesome diet plan that’s not restrictive or meant to deprive will work for almost anyone, and a fitness regimen needs to be mildly intense for 30 minutes each day. 

A wife can take responsibility and generally does for ensuring that her husband follows these guidelines to ensure the optimum health and well-being for a more outstanding quality of life.


In a wife’s role, there are many things that she takes responsibility for with her husband. First and foremost is cherishing, nurturing, loving, and supporting him unconditionally and ensuring that there is always an open, vulnerable, and honest line of communication between them. 

Women are exceptionally strong creatures, and (solely in my opinion, of course) I believe men in some ways look up to them as such. But we also look to men as the hero from our dreams who comes in to save the day. 

So, in a sense, we’re sort of even at the end of the day, aren’t we now?

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